Print Drug Card

Easy to Use — Just Bring This Document to Your Local Pharmacy.
  • Save on brand-name and generic medications.
  • Card is pre-activated, so you can use the Card immediately.
  • The Card is FREE for everyone.
  • The Card never expires, so it can be used over and over again.
  • No Deductibles or Co-Pays or Applications or Enrollment Fees.
  • No personal information is required to use the Card.
  • No age, citizenship, employment or income requirements.
  • Share this card with your friends, family and co-workers to help them save on their medications, too!

  • Accepted at Pharmacies Nationwide.

Who Needs The Card?
  • Those with no insurance or little coverage.
  • Those who have insurance but have high deductibles and co-pays or caps on their benefits.
  • Those with non-covered drug plans.
  • Seniors who fall into the "donut hole" of their Medicare Part D.
  • Employees who are in their waiting periods for Healthcare coverage.
  • The unemployed who cannot afford COBRA payments when they leave their jobs.
  • Employees who cannot afford to cover dependents.

Please Note:
The Card sometimes offers a better prices than your insurance co-pay.